Product packaging

Since 2012 Kurt Europe combines cutting-edge technology with low production costs, offering its customers high-quality solutions in solid- and corrugated board packaging. 


The production sites of KURT are equipped with modern machinery capable to produce high quantities of full- and corrugated board packaging, express envelopes, paper envelopes and self-adhesive labels. We run full production cycle, from paper or cardboard reel to the ready-to-use product.

Production capabilities

Various board grades

Our board comes from the best local suppliers, as well as

from manufacturers from Europe and overseas.

We convert full- and corrugated board, as well as different

kinds of paper.

Printing and varnishing

High quality offset printing, CMYK and PANTONEs, with

— WD,

— offset

— UV-varnishing.

Gloss or matt varnishing with full or selective coverage.


In full board, we produce packages up to A1+ size

(1060x760mm unfolded). In corrugated, we convert sheets

up to 1450x1050mm.


Our equimpment is capable of complicated in-line

embossings. Extra chliché required.

Sealing and tearing off

We produce various packaging articles with hot melt Peel-

and-Seal and with easy opening strip, with or without easy-

open perfo.

Various product designs

We are capable of running 1-, 3-, 4- and 6-glue point    box

designs, as well  as envelopes (pockets and wallets)    for

courier services, banks, insurance companies, telecom, etc.

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